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Lemsteraak yacht rental in Friesland

Sailcharter Friesland rents the most beautiful Lemsteraak yachts from Workum. Below you will find an overview of all Lemsteraak yachts available for rent. From competition yacht to relaxed bobbing, from 2 to 12 people, basic to extreme luxury. Charter the most beautiful boats in Friesland with us now!

The lemsteraak is a traditional Frisian sailing ship, with deck-house. The design comes from Lemmer, developed from the Frisian visaak (suitable for the Frisian inland waters). The barge was used for transport and storage of fish, which was provided for by a (covered) bun on the front deck, which could be up to 2.5 meters in size. Due to its speed the barge was also used for the transport of other (live) fish, mussel seed to Zeeland and mussels from Zeeland to Belgium (up to Brussels). Before long the well-to-do bourgeoisie realized that the lemsteraak was also perfectly suitable as a pleasure yacht.

Besides Lemsteraak yacht rental, you can also contact us for Vissermanaak yachts and other flat-bottomed yachts. Also take a look at our recommended sailing routes .

Charter with Skipper – how does it work?

We offer a few of our larger Lemsteraak sailing yachts for charter including a skipper. This is intended for guests who have little or no experience with flat-bottomed sailing, but still wish to enjoy the special atmosphere on board these classic yachts. The ‘hired’ skipper is able to navigate alone, using the engine. When sailing, this is a different story. The guests are expected to help to sail the yacht. Experience isn’t necessary, but is helpful! You must bear in mind that there is then space on board for two fewer guests.


Flat-bottomed sailing courses

We also offer optional training courses, to learn the basics of all aspects of flat-bottomed sailing. During the booking process of the ship of your choice you may indicate which course you want to follow.

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