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Lovely kajuitschouw for 4 persons.































Name: Padde
Type: Sea-going scow

Length: 8.50 metres
Width: 3.20 metres
Depth: 0.60 metres
Height: 10 metres

Number of permanent berths 4

Drinking water: 70 litres


Compressor coolbox (ice cold)

CD radio

USB connection

12-Volt connection

Gas hob

Yanmar 20 hp Diesel

Tiller steering

220-volt shore power

Hand-held maritime phone

Chartplotter on request

Sails: Furling system, Cruising Chute, Jib, Mainsail

Yet another new vessel has joined our fleet. An attractive saloon scow built by the famous Kok boatyard Suitable for two to four people. A beautifully panelled scow with a timeless and stunning interior. She has a modern Yanmar Engine of 20 hp to deal with the elements. Because of her draught, not only is she suitable for the Frisian waterways, but also for the Wadden Sea. The vessel has a manageable rigging. A stunning traditional vessel for a superb boating holiday. 

There is an option of a two or four-hour sailing course, to get a grasp of the finer points of sailing and to ensure you have an unforgettable holiday.

Additional services!

As from 2018, people hiring yachts will be able to order their shopping here and have this delivered to the harbour (only for yachts in Workum):

Payment is either in advance, alternatively we can pay and then settle with our customers in cash, upon their arrival at the harbour. Shopping will then be delivered to the yacht whilst it is, moored in the harbour, or to the Sail Charter Friesland office.

Arrow compass

Pair of compasses / Ruler

Emergency flare (rockets)

“Sailing on the Wadden Sea” handbook

Wadwaaier ‘Wadden Sea Association”

automatic life jackets for the number of people on board

hoistable anchor light, dependent on on-board electricity/power (LED lantern)

Signal cone (engine)

Radar reflector

Swimming ladder

Hand-held maritime phone with charger or emergency antenna

Maps for the German Wadden Sea, Borkum to Ems

Costs: 4% of the charter price of the yacht

As from 2018, anyone chartering a yacht can order bed linen from us; simply use the booking form when booking online, or this can )be done by email.

The costs are EUR 20.00 per person, which includes: duvet, sheets, pillow case, etc. Bed linen will be placed on board the yacht, but the beds will not be made up in advance.

beer glasses*vegetable serving spoontin/bottle openerthermos flask
lemonade glasses*potato serving spooncorkscrewtea pot
wine glasseswooden spoonsievecoffee filter
shot glassessoup spooncheese gratertray
coffee cups*ladlepotato peelerscissors
tea glasses*bread boardspatulawashing-up bowl
soup bowls*bread knifewhiskchamois sponge
plates*sauce panashtrayworktop cloth
forks*coasters2 bowlssqueegee
spoons*pansfrying panmop
knives*skilletkettledustpan & brush

For the items marked with *, there are always two more on board than the maximum number of persons on board.

Marine equipment
anchor & anchor line2 mooring pinsanchor balldeck scrubbing brush
4 mooring ropesrubber hammerflag and polebucket
fendersgas bottle keyfire extinguishersflash-light
hookship hornfirst aid box
ANWB (Royal Dutch Tourist board) almanac I & IItechnical manual
map of Frieslandmap of IJsselmeermap of the Wadden Sea
We offer a few of our larger Lemsteraak sailing yachts for charter including a skipper. This is intended for guests who have little or no experience with flat-bottomed sailing, but still wish to enjoy the special atmosphere on board these classic yachts.
The ‘hired’ skipper is able to navigate alone, using the engine. When sailing, this is a different story. The guests are expected to help to sail the yacht. Experience isn’t necessary, but is helpful!

We also offer an optional training course, to learn the basics of all aspects of flat-bottomed sailing.

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