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Vrouwe Franciska

Prachtige Lemsteraak voor 10 tot 12 passagiers










Naam Schip: Vrouwe Franciska
type schip: Lemsteraak
Lengte 15 mtr
Breedte 5,20 mtr
Diepgang 1,20 mtr

Aantal hutten 4
Aantal vaste slaapplaatsen 12
In de salon 2
Warmwater boiler
CD Radio

Grootzeil met Lazy Jack en éénvalsbediening
Walstroom 220 V
Omvormer 220V
Motor Diesel 120 PK










The Vrouwe Franciska was built in 1983 at the Van Lochum boatyard in Bergschenheok as a yacht. Initially, the vessel was used as a private yacht, but later on, in 1993/1994, was converted into a comfortable charter yacht. The atmosphere on board and sailing on the Vrouwe Franciska is Lemsteraak sailing in a very unique way.

This Lemsteraak yacht is equipped with a marine phone, echo sounder, binoculars, large compass and the latest nautical maps, therefore the sailing region of the inland seas and the Wadden sea are open to you. The spacious cockpit allows you to enjoy the experience of sailing. The yacht can be steered using the helm or directly with the tiller, whichever you prefer. You can hire this yacht with or without a skipper.

Below deck, a large saloon and a well-equipped kitchen are conducive to a pleasant stay. An added benefit is that the Vrouwe Franciska Lemsteraak has a waste water tank. You can therefore use the shower and toilet when moored in the harbour. The vessel has two double cabins and two triple cabins.

We offer a few of our larger Lemsteraak sailing yachts for charter including a skipper. This is intended for guests who have little or no experience with flat-bottomed sailing, but still wish to enjoy the special atmosphere on board these classic yachts.
The ‘hired’ skipper is able to navigate alone, using the engine. When sailing, this is a different story. The guests are expected to help to sail the yacht. Experience isn’t necessary, but is helpful!

We also offer an optional training course, to learn the basics of all aspects of flat-bottomed sailing.

More information

Additional services!

As from 2018, people hiring yachts will be able to order their shopping here and have this delivered to the harbour (only for yachts in Workum):

Payment is either in advance, alternatively we can pay and then settle with our customers in cash, upon their arrival at the harbour. Shopping will then be delivered to the yacht whilst it is, moored in the harbour, or to the Sail Charter Friesland office.



Passers / Lineaal

Nood-Vuurwerk (Vuurpijltjes)

Handboek „varen op de Waddenzee“

Wadwaaier „Waddenvereniging”

automatische Reddingsvesten voor het aantal personen aan boord

ophiisbaar Ankerlicht onafhankelijk van boordnet / stroom ( LED Lantaarn )


Radar Reflector


Hand Marifoon met lader of noodantenne

Kaartmateriaal duitse Waddenzee Borkum tot Ems

Kosten: 4% van de huurprijs van het schip


As from 2018, anyone chartering a yacht can order bed linen from us; simply use the booking form when booking online, or this can )be done by email.

The costs are EUR 20.00 per person, which includes: duvet, sheets, pillow case, etc. Bed linen will be placed on board the yacht, but the beds will not be made up in advance.

beer glasses*vegetable serving spoontin/bottle openerthermos flask
lemonade glasses*potato serving spooncorkscrewtea pot
wine glasseswooden spoonsievecoffee filter
shot glassessoup spooncheese gratertray
coffee cups*ladlepotato peelerscissors
tea glasses*bread boardspatulawashing-up bowl
soup bowls*bread knifewhiskchamois sponge
plates*sauce panashtrayworktop cloth
forks*coasters2 bowlssqueegee
spoons*pansfrying panmop
knives*skilletkettledustpan & brush

For the items marked with *, there are always two more on board than the maximum number of persons on board.

Marine equipment
anchor & anchor line2 mooring pinsanchor balldeck scrubbing brush
4 mooring ropesrubber hammerflag and polebucket
fendersgas bottle keyfire extinguishersflash-light
hookship hornfirst aid box
ANWB (Royal Dutch Tourist board) almanac I & IItechnical manual
map of Frieslandmap of IJsselmeermap of the Wadden Sea

Enkele van onze grotere Lemsteraken bieden wij ook aan incl. schipper. Dit aanbod is bedoelt voor gasten die weinig (of geen) ervaring met platbodem zeilen hebben maar toch willen genieten van de bijzondere sfeer aan boord van deze klassieke jachten.
De ingehuurde schipper kan het schip op de motor prima alleen bevaren. Zeilend is dit een ander verhaal. Er wordt van de gasten verwacht mee te werken om het schip te zeilen. Ervaring is niet nodig, wel mooi meegenomen.

Tevens bieden wij de mogelijkheid voor een training om alle aspecten van platbodemzeilen onder de knie te krijgen.

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Reserve this boat from Leeuwarden or Makkum.

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